Tips For Planning Your New Fence

Planning a fence involves a lot more than waking up one day and thinking, “Hey! You know what would look great? A new fence!” Planning a new fence actually involves, well, planning!

Tips for Planning your New Fence

1.   What is the Purpose of your New Fence? Is your new fence going to be primarily a decoration? Will it be used for security? Or is it to keep your dog in your yard? The purpose of your new fence will help determine what type of fence you should invest in.

2.   Where will your New Fence go? Certain terrain types might be quite limiting for certain types of fences.

3.   Are there any Regulations that may limit your New Fence? Homeowners Associations tend to have regulations regarding fence height and placement. Be sure to check for any such regulations before starting to install your new fence.

4.   What is your Relationship like with your Neighbors? Be sure to talk to your neighbor before installing your new fence. You do not want to offend anyone, right?

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5 Tips When Planning a Fence

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