4 Reasons to Call a Cedar Fence Your Own!

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What’s not to love about a cedar fence?

What’s not to love about a cedar fence? A cedar fence is one of the preferred wood fencing options for many reasons. It wouldn’t be in Freedom Fence’s nature if we didn’t inform you about all of the beautiful, durable, and cost-effective fencing options that we have available. You won’t regret calling a cedar fence your own for these four reasons! 

A Cedar Fence Ranks High in Durability 

Cedar ranks high in longevity because it’s super durable. It holds up well to heat and cold and outlasts wood fences made from softer wood such as pine. Even when a cedar fence doesn’t have a protective treatment, it can last anywhere between fifteen to thirty years. However, unless you don’t mind your cedar fencing turning gray, we recommend that you seal it. 

Resistant to Rot and Insects 

Cedar’s natural oils make it resistant to rotting as well as insects such as mosquitos and moths. In addition, the protection doesn’t stop at ground level. Cedar fence posts repel underground bugs as well. 

A Cedar Privacy Fence Can Add Character and Charm to Your Home

If you prefer seclusion, especially if you live in a townhome, a privacy fence is the best option for you. A cedar fence with its pickets standing board to board can block the view of your neighborhoods. You can also use a privacy fence as a sound block. Another advantage is that wood has air pockets, making it an excellent insulator. You can look forward to the area around your fence being a little cooler or hotter during the appropriate seasons. 

Cedar Fencing Adds Curb Appeal to Any Home

If your home has a rustic appeal, a cedar fence will complement it perfectly. Also, there are more polished designs that will pair well with any architectural design. Cedar’s color and texture can be the perfect addition to any yard! Also, if you plan on relocating and selling your home, every potential homebuyer loves to see a house with a fence. A fence represents more than what people might think about or realize. It’s synonymous with security and beauty and puts the final touches on a home by providing a defining border. 

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