Benefits of a Screened Porch in Bel-Air, MD

Benefits of Screened Porches in Bel Air, MD Freedom Fence

Today’s topic of discussion will be the benefits of a screened porch for a Bel Air, MD home

Today’s topic of discussion will be the benefits of a screened porch for a Bel Air, MD home. If you own a Bel Air home, we can only imagine how happy you are. Bel Air is one of the best and trendiest places to live in Harford County. Take a trip down Main Street, and you can see why we say that. In addition, Bel Air has some beautiful homes, and a screened porch can beautify your home even more. Allow us to share some benefits with you. 

Maryland is the Perfect State for a Screened Porch 

It makes much sense that screened porches have Southern origins. South of Maryland, the temperature doesn’t drop too low, meaning that people can enjoy screened porches all year round. However, Maryland has the perfect climate for a screened porch because of its unpredictable weather patterns. Realistically, the weather in Maryland often doesn’t dive until late October or even early November. In addition, sometimes, we experience unexpected warm weather patterns during the winter. With that in mind, you can use a screened porch for longer than you might think. 

No More Bugs Ruining a Delicious Meal 

A favorite summer pastime is cooking out or barbequing. However, bugs can be problematic as you try to enjoy your delicious beef or veggie burger. Vitamin D is necessary. However, if you’d prefer the sun not to stifle you too much or for mosquitos to ruin your day, a screened porch offers shade when you include a ceiling, and the mesh provides bug protection. Enjoy a morning brunch or host an afternoon gathering in peace. 

A Screened Porch Offers the Ultimate Curb Appeal for Your Bel Air, MD Home 

If you want more than a cookie-cutter home, invest in a screened-in porch. Often, homes can be pretty one-dimensional, mainly if you live in a townhome community. Usually, all homes in a townhome community look the same because HOA policies enforce that a neighborhood seems cohesive. If you can get away with making your home multi-dimensional, we highly encourage it. Advances in technology coupled with stunning outdoor furniture can take your screened-in porch to the next level. 

Higher Property Value 

What homeowner doesn’t want to increase their property value? Since Bel Air homes are already a hot commodity, you might be wondering what you can do to add additional value to your home. A screened porch is the answer. Prospective homebuyers search for homes that stand out and are move-in ready. You can get the most profit for your home by ensuring that it’s up-to-date, highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing. 

If you want to learn more valuable information about screened porches and all of their amazing features, give Freedom Fence a call today. Our owner will show up at each installation for a quality control check. 

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