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Looking for a new chain-link fence in Harford County? Call Freedom!

When looking to build or replace the fence around your home, you want a property border that is durable, low-maintenance, affordable, and attractive. You can find these benefits in a chain-link fence, which is probably why you are looking for a chain-link fence company that is the right fit for your fence needs. Freedom Fence & Deck can be your chain-link fence contractor in Harford County, Maryland!

Finding a Chain-Link Fence Contractor

Online research is one of the best ways to start your search for the right chain-link fence contractor in Harford County. Here, you can explore your potential fence contractor’s website and get some tips on your fence installation project, such as how to choose the best fence for you, how to find a great contractor, and how to maintain your future fence. 

Once you have a good idea about what this fence company is like, you can request an estimate of the cost. It can help to request several estimates from different businesses to get an idea of what a reasonable price would be. Of course, the company must be able to provide the kind of fence you need.

Another helpful way to get a great chain-link fence contractor in Harford County is to ask local friends, family, and neighbors for referrals. Look at local fences to see who their builder was; fences tend to have a plaque showing the business’s name.

At Freedom Fence & Deck, we are happy to be of any help to you that we can in your quest for a new chain-link fence in Harford County.

Designing Your Chain-Link Fence

You have multiple design choices to make when installing a chain-link fence. First, what kind of chain-link fence would you like? Options include, from least to most expensive:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Vinyl-coated
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

You also have the fence height to consider. Its maximum height depends on your local fence codes, but your decision will depend on how important it is to you to prevent anyone or anything from climbing over it.

Fence gate designs differ as well; options include:

  • Walk-in gate
  • Single swing gate
  • Double swing gate
  • Cantilever gate
  • Rolling gate

You might also have some say in decorative features, like a metal scroll ornament on the gate and decorative fence post caps.

Maintaining Your Chain-Link Fence

Maintenance is easy. Watch out for rust and clean it as needed. You can create privacy with chain-link slats or privacy screens. You could grow vines on it, but be careful that the moisture from the plants does not foster a rust problem. Keep people from climbing the fence.

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Whether you want a brand new patio in the spring or want to install a beautiful new wood fence, Freedom Fence and Home has the expertise, competitive prices, and professional service you need. Freedom Fence and Home has over 50 years of fencing experience in the Baltimore County area, Harford County, Essex, White Marsh, and Bel Air area, and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best customer service experience possible. To see examples of our work and pick the right fence for your home, visit us online. To get started on planning your project, give us a call at (443) 271-6841, or visit us online. For more information, tips, and updates about Freedom Fence and Home, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Our Special Offers

Freedom Fence & Deck offers specials to save on your new fence or deck project. Please note that these discounts are available for new contracts only.

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