Chain Link Fence Installation in Bel Air, Maryland

chain link fence

Freedom Fence & Deck can be your chain link fence contractor in Bel Air!

A fence provides a clear boundary between properties, border security, and in some cases, privacy. Among the many types of fences you can build, there is something classic about chain link fences. Given you are looking for chain link fence installation in Bel Air, you are making a great choice and have come to the right place. Freedom Fence & Deck is happy to be your chain link fence contractor in Bel Air! Learn more about the ins and outs of chain link fences below.

Chain Link Fences Are Practical in Every Way!

In case you didn’t know, there are a ton of benefits of chain link fences. They are the unsung hero of residential fences, checking more boxes than perhaps any other fence.

People think that wood fences are the most affordable, especially pressure-treated pine, but chain link fences are an even better deal. The lumber costs more than the galvanized steel, and the labor to install a wood fence is more intensive and time-consuming. What does that mean for you? Chain link fences are the most affordable, which is a great thing for your wallet.

Is the low cost worth it? If you are looking to build a strong, low-maintenance fence, then yes! It can serve you just as well as an aluminum fence at a much lower cost. Galvanized steel will last far longer than wood, composite, or vinyl, and it requires very little maintenance.

Chain Link Fence Maintenance

However, it is best to go into chain link fence ownership by understanding how best to care for it. Perhaps once a year, it doesn’t hurt to hose down your fence. You could rinse it with a little soapy water to keep mold, mildew, and more at bay. At most, you can also spray the fence down with an anti-rust spray made for chain link fences. 

At the end of the day, chain link fence maintenance is simple and easy. It can be a part of your yearly fall cleanup tasks. 

You can also maintain your fence by avoiding letting anyone climb on it. Although it may seem like a given to climb over a chain link fence when needed, you do not want anyone to put their weight on the fence to avoid wearing it out.

Also, do not grow plants on your chain link fence. Although it may be tempting, the moisture from the plants may cause the metal to deteriorate. If you want to create privacy with a chain link fence, use metal or plastic slats designed for that exact purpose.

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