When to Consider Pool Deck Resurfacing

Has your pool deck lost its luster? Maybe it hasn’t, but it just doesn’t look or feel the same. It may be time to consider pool deck resurfacing if you’re noticing the quality isn’t up to par. You want the deck around your pool to be in top shape for both safety and aesthetic reasons.pool-deck-resurfacing

Not sure how to decide whether or not your pool deck needs resurfaced? No worries! We’ll give you some tips on resurfacing cues here.

Poor traction

Pool decks need to have adequate traction for safety. There is often a lot of water sitting around on the deck that someone could easily slip on if the surface does not provide enough traction. This is a top consideration for pool deck resurfacing.

Visible damage or wear

The signs of visible damage or wear will be different depending on the material your deck is made from. Wood may rot or splinter, while concrete may chip, and other materials may simply become dull and discolored. Ask your contractor about the signs of wear to look for when considering resurfacing.

Other renovations

If you’re performing other renovations in the area, such as a pool renovation, it’s wise to resurface your pool deck as well. Not only will it match its new surroundings, but it will also be of better quality and ready to handle the new use.

Pool decks are usually pretty hardy, but no decking material lasts forever. Eventually, it will need resurfaced. However, resurfacing is a great opportunity to improve the look, feel, and safety of your pool deck. If you think your deck would benefit from resurfacing, but it doesn’t meet all of the guidelines above, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your pool deck resurfaced! The best bet is to ask your local contractor here at Freedom Fence if a resurfacing would be right for you.

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