Today We’re Debunking Myths About Pavers

Myths About Pavers Debunked Freedom Fence & Home

Today our goal is for you to understand the greatness that is pavers

Today our goal is for you to understand the greatness that is pavers. The paver patios that we install are beautiful, highly functional, and durable. Patio installation comes with many options. It wouldn’t be in our true nature if we didn’t enlighten you on the fantastic choices that you have, and pavers are indeed the top choice. Here are some myths about pavers, debunked! 

Pavers Are Not Worth the Money

On the contrary, they are. A paver patio is a valuable investment because there are many stones, colors, and patterns that you can from with minimal effort regarding upkeep. Plus, you can’t beat the durability. 

Degradation Happens Right Away

False! Were you aware that a paver patio can last three to four decades???! Of course, this longevity depends on the paver’s quality. However, we offer high-quality materials so that you can get the most out of your money. Home upgrades can be costly, and we will never cheat you out of the high-quality products you deserve. 

Pavers Shift Constantly

A paver can shift, but it’s rare. When you hire a professional patio installation company like us, you can rest assured that we’ll install your patio the right way to prevent shifting pavers. Even if a paver does move or become damaged, you’ll only have to worry about repairing or replacing that individual paver instead of an entire slab. So that debunks another myth that pavers are hard to fix. 

Salt Damages a Paver Patio Significantly

Pavers hold up to salt well, which matters a lot as we get closer to winter. Did you know that paver patios can help snow melt faster??? This fact is due to the snow being able to breathe through the paver joints. 

You Won’t Have Variety With a Paver Patio.

Also, false. You can customize patterns, colors, and materials. One paver patio doesn’t have to look like another. We have four main styles that are flexible enough to suit any homeowner’s or business owners’ needs. Call Freedom Fence and ask us about our sundeck, outdoor dining, living room, and bistro patios!

For All Your Paver Patio Needs 

Whether you want a brand new patio in the spring or want to install a beautiful new wood fence, Freedom Fence and Home has the expertise, competitive prices, and professional service you need. Freedom Fence and Home has over 50 years of fencing experience in the Baltimore County, Harford County, Essex, White Marsh, and Bel Air area and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best customer service experience possible. To see examples of our work and pick the right fence for your home, visit us online. To get started on planning your project, give us a call at (443) 271-6841 or visit us online. For more information, tips, and updates about Freedom Fence and Home, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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