Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Fencing Permit

Photo: All-Weather Vinyl Fence

Having all of your fencing permit ducks in a row is not just smart, but mandatory.

New homeowners who aren’t familiar with permits and laws on home renovations and additions may be surprised to learn they need a fencing permit before installing their new fence. There is a possibility you may not need a fencing permit, but in most cases a permit is required.

As the Chambers Brothers once noted in a different context, there are things to realize. Before you get a fence, you probably have to get a fencing permit. You should know at least the basics about permits before you start.

Fencing Permit Basics

The state or local government will specify in local code or zoning regulations whether or not a fencing permit is required for your project. These permits may also prohibit or regulate certain fence materials and heights. A homeowner in one area may not be able to install chain link fence, while a homeowner in the same town but a different area may be able to. It’s best to check with the local laws first.

How to Apply

In some cases, you can file for your fencing permit online. However, if there are additional requirements, such as a CAD drawing, filing may take a little more time. Remember: if you hire a company to do your CAD drawing for your fence permit, the company should file the permit for you.

Not sure where to start? Many fencing contractors will help you through the permit process or complete some of the steps for you. Having years of experience in the industry, they know what does and doesn’t generally get approved in your area and what may be involved in acquiring your specific fencing permit.

Freedom Fence Can Help With Your Fencing Permits

Working with a local company such as Freedom Fence is extremely beneficial in these situations. They will know the local fencing permit laws well, and can assist you with your concerns or questions about your fencing project. Plus, having your fence installed by experts ensures the longevity of your fence, and after going through the hassle of filing for a permit, you want a fence that will last!

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