Fences make Good Neighbors :: Neighborly Do’s and Don’ts

They say that “fences make good neighbors,” but that is not always true. Sometimes, fences can actually be the catalyst of a dispute between neighbors. Luckily, these disputes are easily avoidable. All you have to do is adhere to the following Fence Etiquette Guidelines.

Fence Do’s

  1. Talk to your Neighbor: Before starting construction, talk to your neighbor. Do they have any concerns? If so, talk through them. It is important to wrong foot.
  2. Observe Boundaries: Study your house line drawing or plot. Or order a new survey just to be sure of property lines. You don’t want to have to tear down your fence because it is on your neighbor’s property.
  3. Observe Regulations: To avoid any disputes, review restrictions – like fence height – with your fence company before choosing a fence.
  4. HOA Rules: Homeowners Associations can be incredibly strict. So it is important to check with your before beginning any fencing project. HOAs can dictate style, height, and even maintenance.

Fence Don’ts

  1. Don’t ignore your Neighbor: If you neighbor voices a complaint, hear him/her out. The solution may be simple.
  2. Don’t neglect your Fence: Regular fence maintenance is important. Neglecting your fence will not only detract from your property’s curb appeal and value, but it could also affect your neighbor’s property.

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Fence Etiquette: Tips to Avoid Neighbor Disputes

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