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Fiberon Composite Deck Arnold

many savvy residents are discovering the many benefits of Fiberon composite decks.

As more and more homeowners in Arnold look for an alternative to wood decks, many savvy residents are discovering the many benefits of Fiberon composite decks.

No one will argue that a wood deck offers aesthetic charm, but the maintenance and cost to maintain a wooden desk is much more than most people bargain for. With Fiberon composite decks, however, you have an elegant and cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden decks.

Benefits of Composite Decks

It shouldn’t be a shock that a wooden deck can wear down quickly without proper maintenance. With heavy foot traffic and the natural elements, a wooden deck can deteriorate pretty quickly. Homeowners may not calculate all the costs of a wooden deck when they plan for their initial installation. With weatherproofing, stripping, staining and sanding, the costs can quickly accumulate. With a Fiberon composite deck however, you won’t have to worry about extensive maintenance costs. You won’t have to worry about boards splintering or stripping the boards, and you won’t have to purchase any chemicals or engage in any extensive maintenance program to keep your deck looking in tip-top shape.

Installing a Deck with Fiberon

Composite decks are appealing because it can replicate the appearance of wood, while not requiring the costly maintenance. Wood is also a natural resource that can become quickly depleted, but Fiberon products are made right from recycled materials. Fiberon is free of harmful chemicals, which means you are helping the environment while creating a beautiful deck for your family and friends to enjoy.

Composite Deck Savings

Many homeowners in Arnold are quickly realizing the amount of savings they can experience with composite decking.  It can actually cost $450-$850 a year to maintain your wood deck. For a composite deck, it may only run you $5-$15 each year. Your composite deck also won’t be subject to mold, decay and infestations, and Fiberon is built to withstand whatever Mother Nature has to throw at it. Homeowners may not realize the extensive costs that can come with a wooden deck, but you will be ahead of the curve by enjoying a beautiful deck that has low maintenance. More money in your pocket means more money for lounge furniture!

If you live in Arnold and are ready for a beautiful and cost-effective deck, you are in the market for composite deck installation.

Freedom Fence and Home has lots of experience with Fiberon decking, and is available in the Arnold area to install custom decks to suit your needs.  We’re also very familiar with a broad range of other materials such as wood and PVC.

Call Freedom Fence and Home at 443-271-6841 for answers to all questions about Fiberon composite decks.  We will also happily answer questions about other types of decking.  You can also reach us through our website.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more information!

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