A Fiberon Composite Deck Builder in Severn

Fiberon Composite Deck Severn

If you live in Severn and are ready for a beautiful and cost-effective deck, you are in the market for composite deck installation.

If you’re a homeowner in Severn, let this be the last year you’re jealous of your neighbor’s deck!

Wooden decks can get a bad wrap because of terminate damage and constant maintenance, so it’s understandable if you’ve been wary of making such a big investment. What if I told you there’s a deck that can be as attractive as wooden decks, while remaining almost maintenance free?

Fiberon Composite Decks

From relatives and neighbors telling us their stories of woe, we are all well versed in the issues that are associated with wooden decks. We all heard the tales of how you have to weatherproof, strip and stain wooden decks, which unfortunately makes us turned off from the idea of owning any sort of deck at all. Sadly, this means that many homeowners don’t even know that Fiberon composite decks even exist! Gone are the days of worrying about boards warping, splitting or purchasing expensive chemicals to keep your deck to keep it properly maintained.. With a composite deck, you’ll spend your summer days lounging, while wooden decks owners are fighting to keep terminates away.

Fiberon Appearance and Benefits

If you want the look of wood but don’t want to deal with the maintenance, composite decking is the solution you have been waiting for! We all like to make eco-friendly decisions when we can, and Fiberon is actually made from recycled materials. It’s also free of harmful chemicals that wooden decks can be treated with, so you have the ability to make an eco-friendly decision and receive a beautiful addition to your home.

Save Money on Fiberon Composite Decks

Wooden deck owners can spend as much as $450-$850 a year to maintain and treat their decks! I don’t know of any secret money trees growing in Severn to help cover that cost, and that maintenance expense can quickly cut into summer vacation plans. With a composite deck, however, you are only looking at $5-$15 dollars for deck maintenance each year. You can probably find $5 in quarters in your cup holder!

Composite Deck Builders in Severn

If you live in Severn and are ready for a beautiful and cost-effective deck, you are in the market for composite deck installation.

Freedom Fence and Home has lots of experience with Fiberon decking, and is available in the Severn area to install custom decks to suit your needs.  We’re also very familiar with a broad range of other materials such as wood and PVC.

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