How To Care For Your Wooden Fence


Learn how to care for your wooden fencing.

Wooden fences have a clean, traditional look that appeals to many homeowners.  However, it takes some time and effort to extend the beauty of a wooden fence.  Wood is a sensitive material, especially now that it will be getting hotter and hotter outside during the summer.  Luckily, there are a few simple ways to care for your wooden fence to ensure that it lasts many years to come.

Clean It Up

When it comes to caring for your wooden fence, you need to make sure to clean it a few times throughout the year.  It is common for mildew to build up on wood fencing, so all you need to do to remove it is scrub it off. You just need a scrub brush and mild soap and water.  Once your fence is clear of all mildew and debris, just rinse off the structure with a hose. If you have a long a wooden fence, it is more effective to invest in a pressure washer to clean your fence.

Inspect and Repair

It is essential that you are inspecting your fence regularly for any potential damage.  Wooden fencing is susceptible to rot and water damage, so make sure that you are inspecting each fence picket.  Replacing an individual picket is very simple and cost-effective. If your wooden fencing needs extensive repairs, then you should contact the professionals at Freedom Fence and Deck.

Paint or Stain

One of the best ways to extend the life of your wooden fence is to apply paint or stain every few years.  If you want to apply a stain to your fence, make sure that it is completely dry first so that the product sticks well.  You should apply paint or stain with a roller or brush to make sure that every inch of your fence is protected. Make sure you are applying a few layers of product and letting it dry between each layer.

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

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