How to Clean and Stain Your Wood Fence


Is your wood fence no longer looking like new? This is certainly understandable- even though wood fences are exceptionally durable and can stay standing for decades, they still require proper care to keep them looking their best. Luckily, Freedom Fence & Home is here to help. Here are our instructions on how to give your wood fence a much-needed makeover!


The first thing you will have to do is give your wood fence a good wash. Use a power washer when you do this; power washers use high-pressure water to blast away the faded wood cells and built-up grime quickly.

Then, after power-washing, do an additional inspection to see whether any spots of mold or mildew remain, particularly by the base of the individual fence posts. While power washing should be able to get rid of the majority of these kinds of build-up, for the sake of the health of your wood you want to be sure that nothing remains that could damage it in the future.

Once your fence has dried, you can then take the opportunity to repair any loose nails or boards that you find. Pieces of wood that have split can be repaired either with nails or with waterproof bonding glue for a seamless finish. It is best to make these repairs at this point in the process because once the wood is clean, it is easier to see if there are smaller fractures or problems with the integrity of the wood.

Your fence is now clean and repaired, so it is time to apply the stain. Staining the wood with even strokes will protect it against future damage from the sun and weather; oil-based stains are water-resistant and o they can keep your wood from warping or developing mold.

And there you have it! Cleaning and staining your wood fence is a relatively simple task. For more information about quality wood fence installation and maintenance, call on Freedom Fence & Home today.

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