How to Clean Your Vinyl Fence

Fences are an outdoor item. It is hard to protect them from dirt and germs like you can with an indoor item. However, there are ways to preserve the condition of your fence so it always looks as beautiful as the day you had it installed. Cleaning your fence is fairly easy if you follow the simple tips outlined below.

Begin by gathering your materials. These are a few materials that you may already have in your home, a water hose, bucket of soap water, and soft cloth rags. If there are tough stains or dirt, you may also want to use a soft scrub brush.

Cleaning a vinyl fence is not that difficult, but it requires a little bit of hard work and manual labor. Especially in some spots that may have tougher stains on them.

Most of the dirt accumulated on your fence is grass buildup from mowing the lawn, debris after a storm, or leaves. None of these are permanent stains for your fence but it is good to keep the fence looking clean.

When you are ready to begin cleaning, spray down the fence with water from a hose. This will quickly remove any dirt that is not too stuck on the fence. Once you are done with that, take your bucket of soapy water and head over to the areas of the fence that are still dirty. Then gently rub down the dirty areas with a soft cloth. When you finish scrubbing the fence, make sure to rinse off any soapy residue that may be left behind.

Some general fence maintenance tips:

Don’t paint a vinyl fence. It will not retain the color the way you would like it too.

Don’t place a barbeque too close to your fence, it will melt.

For maximum cleanliness, you should clean your fence at least once every three to six months. This will prevent the buildup from getting too bad on your fence and keep it in tip top condition.

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