How to Replace Deck Boards in Your Bel Air Home

When your deck has seen better days but doesn’t require a full out replacement, it may be possible to replace only a few boards

When your deck has seen better days but doesn’t require a full out replacement, it may be possible to replace only a few boards. While there are times when the entire deck needs replacement if only a few boards are required, you’ll save yourself significant time, money, and waste. If a substantial portion of your deck needs repair, or if there is an issue with the foundation, a professional replacement will be beneficial. For all other times, you can try these simple steps to have your deck looking good as new once more.

First Steps

To begin your board replacement project, you’ll need to remove the damaged wood and discern what type of wood it is. Knowing the kind of wood your deck comprises of from will help you match your new boards. If you have information on the building of the deck, this may prove more useful. If you do not, you can try a scent check – after cutting into a section of the board with a saw, you can identify pine from a sweet scent while cedar is aromatic and redwood is pungent. When buying wood, you can compare the smell to the lumber you’ll be buying. When buying lumber, get the most extended length you can transport as it will help make less waste. You’ll also need stainless steel or galvanized screws or nails that can penetrate the joists an inch and a half deep.

Cutting Out The Old Wood

As you begin to remove your old boards, make sure that you’re allowing for each section to have at least two joists underneath. Without two of these, the boards will be insecure and your chances of slapstick comedy moments from stepping on boards will increase. You may need to cut past the damaged or rotting sections to allow for this, but it’s a critical step. Once you cut the part,  you’ll need to pull out the old nails and remove the board. If possible, label the boards that require replacement and create a system to help keep track of what will go where. This will help make installing new sections much easier.

Adding the New Boards

Using the old boards to measure, cut your new segments to size. When possible, stagger the splices of your boards between rows as this helps to improve the look. To ensure the new sections last longer, cut from the bottom side of the wood as the saw cuts from the bottom up. Additionally, if you can find growth rings on your lumber, ensure that you cut them down, as this will help prevent water damage.

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