Investing In A Wooden Fence? Learn How To Prevent Wood Rot


Learn how to take care of your wooden fence before you buy!

The right tastefully designed, multi-purpose wooden fence adds privacy, security, and curb appeal to your property. As the most affordable fences, with a variety of different styles to choose from, you’ll be able to conveniently pick a unique fence which matches the architecture of your home. We offer pressure treated pine, cedar and bamboo wood fences which do require a little bit of maintenance. Before buying your new fence, it’s smart to educate yourself on upkeep and general maintenance techniques, as you’ll soon be the owner of an investment. The biggest problem wooden fence owners complain about is wood rot. Luckily, it can easily be prevented if you follow our advice in this week’s blog.

Making Sure Your Fence Is Pressure Treated

Pressure treated wood will not rot or decay as quickly as regular, raw wood. Your wooden fence posts penetrate the ground and are susceptible to insects and moisture. Pressure treated wood that has gone through the mill are treated with non-toxic chemicals that keep termites away and repel moisture. The number one cause of wood rot is moisture penetration! Keep those water droplets at bay with our pressure treated timber options.

Applying a Wood Preservative

If you don’t trust that your wood will stay well insulated from pressure treatment, coating the material in a wood preservative is a good idea. Similar to waxing a car, wood preservatives protect your fence from water elements such as sprinklers etc. You can find an effective preservative at your local hardware store for a fair price. Other preventative practices include keeping your fence positioned away from sprinkler systems and leafy vegetation. A watering system that goes off more than once a day  will cause your wood to decompose much quicker. Follow these tips to keep your wooden fence like new.

Wood Fence Installation in Maryland

With more than 40 years of experience, Freedom Fence & Home has provided the highest quality fence materials to its many residential and commercial clients throughout Harford County and the entire Baltimore metro area. Our wood fences are built on site using pressure treated southern pine. We also offer cedar and bamboo as alternatives.

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If you have any questions about Wood Fence installation in Harford County, please contact Freedom Fence and Home by calling 443-271-6841 or visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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