How To Prepare Your Deck For Winter Weather

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Learn how to prepare your deck for winter.

November is already here which means winter is a little over a month away, potentially bringing some serious snowfall to your home.  Before winter is officially here, you should go through the proper measures to prepare your entire home to survive the frigid temperatures.  Make sure that you care for and protect your outdoor features including your deck.  The last thing you want is harsh winter weather damaging your deck leaving you with high repair costs.  Fortunately, there a few simple ways to prepare your deck for winter, so you can enjoy it again once spring comes around again!

Inspect and Check

It is critical that you thoroughly inspect all of the aspects of your deck including the surface, railing, and underneath it.  Check if any boards on the surface are warped, cracked, or are experiencing any other type of damage.  Don’t forget to check the railings and if any of rods are loose or weakening.  If any of parts of your deck are peeling or the paint is chipping, make sure to scrape it off and repaint.  During your inspection, if you acquire any damage to your deck, contact the professionals at Freedom Fence to repair it properly.

Clean It

After you have inspected your deck for any potential damage, you should clean it depending on the specific material.  If you have a wooden deck, you should wash it wash it with a bleach-free cleaning solution and water.  If your deck is comprised of PVC or a composite material, you can just use a power washer to clean it.  Make sure to get rid of any mildew or dirt that is stuck to your deck because it can be difficult to remove if it left throughout the winter.

Apply A Finish

If you have a wooden deck, it is essential that you apply a water-resistant finish to it right before winter gets here.  Applying a finish to your deck will protect it from moisture and prevent water from damaging it permanently. The last thing you want is snow or ice cracking and warping your deck making your family unable to use it.

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