Prepare for Hunting Season in Maryland

http--- the air gets chillier, you start reaching for your jacket every morning, and hot coffee becomes a necessity before braving the outdoors, Maryland’s hunting season is in full swing. It’s easy to forget to prepare for the hunting season if you are in the midst of your annual fall yard, fence maintenance, and home maintenance, but every day that slips by is a wasted opportunity to plan ahead! If you haven’t already begun hunting light geese, sika deer, white-tailed deer, or any of the other options available in the state of Maryland, now is the time to prepare! How can you ensure it’s a great hunting season for you and your family?

Tune Your Bow or Rifle and Check Your Gear

Just like a musician tunes their instrument before a concert, a great hunter needs to tune their bow or rifle before a hunt. Spend some time sighting in your gun or bow before the line gets too long at the shooting range now, so you can maximize your practice time and level of comfort with your weapon. However, don’t forget that you have other gear too! Some hunters are so focused on preparing their weapons that they forget everything else and end up waiting in line at the store when they could be out hunting. Go through all of your gear now and make a list of any repairs that need to be made or items that need to be purchased. Now is the perfect time to change batteries or sharpen knives.

Know the Laws

Hunting season in Maryland is a wonderful time for those passionate about hunting and assisting the state with wildlife management, but there are laws to be obeyed. Hunters have to carry personal photo identification at all times, as well as written permission from private landowners for hunting. Depending on what you are hunting, you may or may not need a hunting license, Archery Stamp, or Muzzleloader Stamp. If you are hunting deer or turkey, you must complete a Maryland Big Game Harvest Record and have them field tagged immediately and checked within 24 hours. Every animal has different regulations, so be sure to research online in advance so that you aren’t in for a costly surprise once hunting season begins.

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs During Hunting Season and Beyond

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