PVC Or Composite Decks? Let Us Help You Make The Right Choice!


Installing low maintenance decking will make your outdoor are shine while saving you money!

Outdoor renovations are all the rage this time of year! Cozy up in your outdoor space with furnished furniture, sunlight shielding umbrellas, stainless steel grills all atop a sturdy, weather-resistant deck! Hosting some backyard fun this weekend for dad’s big day? Installing the right deck will have him joyfully soaking up the sun! Big remodeling projects take a lot of planning and time. A professional contractor, however, will help with your design plans, implement them efficiently, and turn dad’s outdoor living fantasy into a reality! Choosing the right decking material can be tough. That’s why, to help you make an informed decision, we’ve provided a side by side comparison of two of the most common, reliable, cost effective decking materials. Let’s explore the difference between PVC and composite decks so you’ll have your mind made up in time to surprise your old man with design plans!

What Are PVC Decks? Are They Right For Me?

PVC decking is a low maintenance, inexpensive material that can be easily installed and maintained. Unlike wooden decking, PVC decking does not require the rigorous year-to-year maintenance and mimics the naturally grained material. Using AZEK PVC material, these decks are scratch and mold resistant, stain protected, lightweight, insect and termite resistant, and environmentally friendly. Using wood staining colors and patterns, PVC has the same visual appeal of wood decking without the complicated, exhausting maintenance. It stands strong, looks brand new, and weathers extremely slow. Choosing PVC decking will save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to shell out extra to repair it. We offer a wide array of colors, textures, and styles to fit all exterior design plans! The versatility of PVC decking is far superior when compared with its composite counterpart.

What Are Composite Decks? Are They Right For Me?

In its early form, composite decking was a combination of wood and fiber. Nowadays, taking sturdy decking to a whole new level, the composite material is the same combination of wood and fiber with a protective non-wood polymer cap. The polymer will keep base material from scratching, fading or staining. Like PVC decking, the material can be made to resemble all wooden equivalents. Say pressure treated pine is you taste, constructing the composite equivalent will keep your unique outdoor vision a reality without the headache of annual maintenance. Make the right choice with classy styles combined with top performance quality by investing in composite decking.

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