Why You Need a Screened Porch

A screened porch is not only beautiful, but also provides your home with numerous other benefits.

A screened porch is not only beautiful, but also provides your home with numerous other benefits.

It’s a warm summer night. You and your family want to enjoy the outdoors, but don’t want to have to deal with all those pesky mosquitoes. Maybe you’re entertaining some friends, but the weather isn’t cooperating. With a screened in porch, you won’t need to fret about either of these situations. Installing a screened in porch on your home will provide you and your family with numerous benefits. After reading this blog, you’ll understand why you need to install a screened porch.

Avoid the Wildlife

As much as we love nature, bugs usually don’t receive as much love- especially if they bite. When enjoying your screened in porch, you’ll be provided with safety from any bugs. This provides for a great area to entertain, while enjoying the outdoors. Just add a few outdoor chairs and a table, and you’ll be on your way to having your own little outdoor party! When providing dinner for your guests, don’t worry about how you are going to serve the food. Feel free to leave the chips and fruit out! You won’t need to worry about flies or a rainstorm to ruin the meal that you worked so hard to prepare.

Your Own Style

A screened porch adds to your curb appeal and the overall worth of your home. You have the ability to custom design your porch so that it has the perfect style to compliment your house. Choose from different types of wood, railings, roofing materials, and so much more to create the perfect look. Dress up or dress down the space as much as you want so that it is the entertaining space that you need for your home. You can even convert your deck into a screened porch. The choice is all yours!

More Space

Feeling too crammed in your house? A screened in porch is a great way to get some more square footage without having to do an expensive addition to your home. You’ll have more space to escape from the chaos of the day, in an area that’s all yours. The area can be used for a multitude of activities. You can use it for entertaining, dining, hobbies, or even just relaxing and curling up with a good book. The space is yours, so explore the options!

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