Screened Porches in Ellicott City, MD

Screened Porches in Ellicott City, MD Freedom Fence

Ellicott City is quite charming, but what could make an Ellicott City home even more alluring is a screened porch.

Many residents and visitors alike have raved about all that Ellicott City, MD, has to offer. Arguably, it’s one of the best places to live in Howard County if you’re a fan of quaint, beautiful, family-friendly, and historic communities. Ellicott City is quite charming, but what could make an Ellicott City home even more alluring is a screened porch. Screened porches have become increasingly trendy in the design industry for many reasons. When you own a screened porch, it’s a practical choice, yet if your goal is to beautify your home, you can achieve this as well. Allow us to elaborate on the practicality and the beauty of screened porches. 

The Practical Reasons of Owning a Screened Porch

Spring is almost near. Millions of people are looking forward to warmer weather, especially during a pandemic. Decks and patios are popular options regarding outdoor living spaces. However, they don’t offer the protection that a screened porch does. Even nature lovers would agree that they don’t quite like insects flying into their food. Screened porches allow homeowners to enjoy a delicious meal in peace and not have to be out in the sun directly. Maryland summers can get pretty stifling, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the outdoors. 

What’s also excellent about screened porches is that you can add customizations such as ceiling fans to make humid weather more bearable—bonding with your family without the bugs and being able to enjoy the spring or summer sun without sweating nearly as much? We say that’s a win-win. Plus, screened porches add value and marketability to your home. 

The Aesthetic Value that a Screened Porch Can Offer an Ellicott City Resident

While you can convert a deck into a screened porch, it doesn’t have to feel or appear deck-like. You can transform a screened porch so that it takes on the appearance of any other room in your home. You can personalize it and beautify it so that it adds aesthetic value to your home. You can look forward to outdoor family dinners sitting underneath a chandelier if elegance is what excites you. 

During the colder seasons, you can add an electric or wood-burning fireplace to your screened porch to warm up the ambiance (and you and your family). We can also install a large double door to aid in continuity so that your screened porch connects to the central part of your home and doesn’t feel extraneous. Whether you’re minimalistic or you enjoy dynamic designs, we have a screened porch with your name on it. Give us a call today! 

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