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Can a screened porch installation add value to your Howard County home? Absolutely!

Can a screened porch installation add value to your Howard County home? Absolutely! Howard County, MD, is already known for its beautiful and sometimes stately homes. Why not add even more visual interest to your Howard County home than by adding a screened porch into the mix? Not many homes have screened porches, and it’s quite a shame because this home upgrade is so unique. If you want to win the “best house in the neighborhood” award, then you can do so by calling Freedom Fence to enhance your outdoor living space. Let’s delve deeper into the value of screened porches. 

A Screened Porch Can Add Livable Square Footage to Your Howard County Home

Home upgrades such as decks and custom porches are an excellent way to add more livable space to a home. If your home is starting to feel slightly crowded and you’d like to add more space without needing to move into a larger home, then you don’t have to! Sunrooms, decks, and screened porches are the perfect way to add more room to your existing space. An increasingly popular trend in the home improvement realm is home additions. Homeowners now believe in making the most of their current space to refrain from leaving the magnificent place they call home. 

Let’s Talk About ROI

Let’s say that you are a homeowner that does want to move out of your home. If you’re planning to sell, you should highly consider adding interior and exterior upgrades to your home. The ROI of a screened porch varies based on geographic climate. 

Well, Maryland is known for its unpredictable weather. It’s one of those states where you can experience spring weather during the winter and sweltering summers. With that in mind, potential homebuyers can look forward to using a screened porch for much of the year. On average, homeowners can expect an 84% ROI on a screened porch. Another way to look at this is if you spend $200,000 on a screened porch, you can look forward to and expect to gain an average return of about $16,800. What a lot you can earn! 

In a Nutshell, Here is How a Screened Porch Benefits You

  • All the beauty and feel of the outdoors without the bugs
  • Many customizations
  • An ultimate entertainment hub
  • The extreme satisfaction of turning a house into a home 

If you’re ready to upgrade your Howard County Home, give Freedom Fence a call today! Until you do, we encourage you to take a peek at our glowing reviews

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