Spring Deck Cleaning Tips from Freedom Fence And Home

Spring is here! Along with spring comes a new Maryland baseball season and a lot of cleaning and removing junk that’s built up over the winter. Shouldn’t your deck be included in all of your spring cleaning activities? Of course it should! Keeping your Maryland home’s deck looking nice and neat for the springtime not only will make you feel good, but it will show off your great deck to your whole neighborhood. A clean Maryland deck does a lot for the look of your house and for your houses sitting value.

Here are a few tips from Maryland’s Freedom Fence and Home in regards to spring cleaning-up your deck:

  • Remove any furniture – Cleaning all of the furniture, grills and any other junk that is on your deck should be your top priority. You can’t properly clean your deck if you’re trying to clean around a bunch of stuff that is on top of it! You’ve got to have a blank slate upon which your true deck cleaning may begin.
  • Wash your deck off – When preparing to wash your deck, don’t go for the sponge and bucket. Instead, choose a cleaning brush with a long handle and a squeegee to help you get your deck as clean as it could be. Make sure, however, that you have the right cleaning products for the wood of you deck. Cleaning products that will restore your deck to its former glory.
  • Restain your deck – You don’t have to restain your deck if you want to leave it in a raw state, but deck staining can usually blend with any wear and tear that happens to your deck. You can use transparent stains to show off the natural color of the deck or solid stains to protect against harmful UV rays produced by the Sun.
  • Clean your deck furniture – Before you put all of the furniture back on your Maryland deck, give all of the furniture a good scrubbing down. Rinse and wipe down the furniture and apply a little laundry detergent and water to any outside cushions that may need cleaning. A clean deck wouldn’t look right without some clean deck furniture.

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Source: Quick Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Deck, TimberTown Austin

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