Top Deck Design Trends for 2019

Deck Design Trends

Keep these deck design trends in mind when installing a new deck.

Adding a deck to your home is a great way to make an easy, affordable, and useful update that will improve your home in a variety of ways. Adding a deck is a great way to add living space to your home, mainly if you utilize a design that allows for all weather usage. Decks are an item that holds their value upon resale – which makes investing in deck design very worthwhile. If you’re ready to start planning your new deck, take a moment to consider some of the 2019 trends in deck design! Before we move on, winter is the perfect time to install a new deck, as long as the ground isn’t frozen you’ll be able to have your new deck installed with minimal disruption to you and your family. Winter installation means that as soon as the weather being to warm up, you’ll be ready to take advantage of your new deck.

Adding Shade

Often, decks can become too hot in the summer due to direct sunlight. To reduce the effects of the sun, as well as to add privacy and light weather protection, many deck companies have begun adding shade solutions to their initial deck designs. While most consumers used to purchase a deck first and a shade solution much later, this lead to times when the new deck was used less and the final product was less cohesive. By building the two together, you create a highly versatile deck that looks great. One such solution is the use of 4” decking and lattices. The two can have a very different visual appearance, but both are great for creating a private, shaded environment.

Bring In Color

In 2019 colder colors are taking the stage across the spectrum of home and building design. For decks, this can mean a wide range of new color choices like rich chocolate and bright chili pepper hues. With these bolder colors on the way, homeowners are expected to take far more interest in the aesthetics of their decks. Textured embossing, new railing hues, and picture framing boards are all expected to be trending.

Making Use Of Space

With improvements to the moisture resisting properties of under-deck structure systems, the potential for building has expanded significantly. Many homeowners are looking for new ways to enjoy a deck space in unusual areas. In some cases, this is due to space constraints — such as rooftop decks. Free-standing decks are another new trend as they allow for a deck to be built further into a property away from the limitations of home.

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