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If you own a wood deck, then there’s no better time to tend to it than the beginning of spring. Spring showers bring May flowers, which means that your wood deck is susceptible to water damage. Also, since the weather is starting to warm up, it could mean that your wood deck is vulnerable to UV ray damage as well. We install high-quality decks and add on all the treatments and fixings that will make your deck durable. However, if your deck has been around for some time and it’s starting to look lackluster, then replacement may be necessary. There are ways to handle wood deck maintenance that could save your deck. Here are some tips for our Harford County, or any Maryland homeowners. 

Inspect Your Wood Deck

Step number one in wood deck maintenance is to check for splintering, protruding nails, or wood rot. What you can do is hammer down on any nails that stick out, and sand your deck to make sure that it has a smooth surface. If you notice wood rot, board replacement is possible. You may also need to replace the deck’s supports. When in doubt, you can call us to come out to assess the safety of your deck.

Cleaning Your Deck is Always Crucial

What’s super helpful and beneficial is sweeping your deck and keeping it clear of any debris. Mild deck cleaners help. A bristled brush is ideal. If you decide to utilize a power washer to aid in deck maintenance, make sure that the pressure is low. If not, you can cause gouges to form on your deck.

Staining a Wood Deck is Significant

The stain that you choose should be waterproof and offer protection against sun damage. A light or clear-finish stain works on wood decks. Wear and tear of a deck is inevitable, but a stain can keep the coloring vibrant much longer. 

Sealing a Deck is Also Significant

Sealing a deck helps prevent water damage and stops water from penetrating deck boards, in particular. Sealing also combats mold and wood rot. Roll or brush the stain onto your deck evenly. Refinishing your deck every 2-3 years will keep it in shape. 

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For All Your Deck Maintenance Needs in Harford County

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