4 Ways to Maintain Your Wood Fence

Learn how you can keep your wood fence looking its best!

Learn how you can keep your wood fence looking its best!

A wood fence is an excellent way to provide your yard with comfort and privacy, along with many other benefits. However, regular fence maintenance is imperative to maintaining its aesthetic and durability. The humidity and severe weather associated with Maryland summers can be especially taxing on your yard’s wooden barrier. Despite these unfavorable conditions, performing these simple tasks is an exceptional way to maintain the beauty of your wood fence.

Check For Weak Spots

Keeping an eye out on the condition of your fence can go a long way. Harmful deficiencies, such as loose nails, can be easily spotted and quickly repaired to ensure the longevity of your fence. If you come across a rotting picket, replacing it is the safest solution.

Give Your Wood Fence A Bath

Mildew build-up can be a huge problem when trying to maintain your wood fence. However, scrubbing your fence with a mildew cleaner, or simply resorting to the old-fashion soap and water approach, can be a useful way to defeat mildew before it gets out of control. Eliminating any dirt and grime from your fence will play a large role towards ensuring its longevity. Learn more about wood fence cleaning tips here!

Give It A Make-Over

Painting your wood fence every few years is of vital importance when trying to maintain its durability and livelihood. The simplest way to do so is with a brush or roller, as this allows you to get into all of the tight spaces that a paint sprayer may not be able to effectively reach. Using a quality sealer before painting is also very helpful. It is of utmost importance to put on two coats of paint and allowing time for it to dry before providing the finishing touches.

Seal The Creases

You should apply caulk along the posts of your wood fence where it meets the ground at least once a year. In doing so, you will drastically help keep moisture away from your fence and help extend its life. Following all of these steps is the key towards maintaining your wood fence through the severe conditions associated with the humid, Maryland summer.

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