Best Deck Additions to Add Shade

Best Deck Additions to Add Shade

There is more than one way to add shade to your deck!

Designing a deck can be simple enough; after all, it often consists of just one flat platform with a wrap-around railing and a staircase to exit. However, depending on your property and your preferences, your deck could be so much more. For starters, how do you intend to keep in the shade when enjoying your deck on a hot, sunny day? There is more than one way to do it, as listed here below. 

Screened Porch 

A screened porch is an extension of a home or an enclosure of an existing porch. One can make the most of the outdoors while keeping primarily indoors, enjoying the fresh breeze if one wishes but without the bugs, hot sun, and rain. A screened porch is similar to a sunroom, except that a sunroom typically only uses glass windows rather than a flexible mesh. Screened porches are excellent spaces for dining, entertaining, and relaxing without the harshness of Maryland’s fluctuating weather.


Alternatively, you can extend your home’s livable square footage with a porch, which is simply a deck with a roof. A porch does not have windows or screens and resides at the ground level, unlike a balcony, which may also have a roof overhead. While homes may come with a recessed front or back porch, a homeowner can also build a porch that extends from the house. A solid roof overhead ensures coverage from the sun and rain and more room for guests and family.


Meanwhile, a gazebo can make an elegant backyard feature on the deck. Freedom Fence can either install a gazebo onto your existing deck or build out your deck with a gazebo. This classic structure has a solid roof and can come with built-in, wrap-around interior seating and screened windows. It can also match the architectural style and colors of your home.


Lastly, a pergola is a four-columned structure with a slatted roof that allows more or less sunlight depending on the time of day. If you prefer to have a solid roof overhead but still want the sunshine, one can secure clear plastic sheets to the roof. Pergolas are excellent for establishing designated outdoor spaces, such as a lounge, a dining area, or a hot tub center. For more deck additions, reach out to Freedom Fence!

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