Screened Porches are a Timeless Addition for Your Catonsville Home

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Screened porches will forever be timeless

Screened porches will forever be timeless additions to homes. They will never go out of style, nor will you ever regret adding them to your home for many reasons. For one, it’s common for homes to have decks and fences, but how often do you see a house with a screened porch? Screened porches are unique and remarkable home improvements. They are quite a sight to behold. Two, not only can a screened porch take your home to the next level aesthetically, but there are also practical benefits such as shading yourself from the sun, and having less exposure to mosquitoes. If you’re a Catonsville homeowner without a screened porch, well, what’s stopping you? Here is more detail about why screened porches will always be timeless. 

Screened Porches Are Cost-Effective

If you want to gain additional space in your home, a screened porch is a relatively cost-effective way to achieve this goal. They don’t require a full foundation, nor do you have to worry about insulation or other pricey features, if your goal is to save some money. However, if you are the kind of homeowner that wants more pizzazz, we can indeed customize your outdoor living space so that it’s jazzier. 

Screened Porches Are Practical 

Maryland is known for its hot and humid days, but it’s never a good idea to avoid the sun altogether. Nor is it the best idea to spend too much time in the sun, at least without sunscreen. Let us paint two pictures. Picture one involves you sitting out on your deck trying to enjoy a nice meal, but alas bugs attack your food, and you’re already irritated because the sun is beaming down on you. Picture two involves you stepping inside of a gorgeous screened porch under a fan eating your meal without an insect invasion. Everyone thinks differently, but we can bet that picture number two sounds better. 

Things to Consider Before We Install a Screened Porch in Your Catonsville Home

  1. Do you want your porch to be only a dining space? Or do you want to take naps and entertain guests in this space?
  2. Would you prefer your screened porch to look minimalist, rustic, modern, or do you want the works?
  3. What are your electrical needs? e.g., Do you need a fan? Would you like a chandelier? 

If you’re saying “yes” to making your Catonsville home a timeless place that you can enjoy for years to come, then reach out to us today. 

For Your Outdoor Living Space Needs in Catonsville

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