Building a Sunroom in Baltimore County

Sunroom Baltimore County

Adding a sunroom to your home gives you an extra room to escape. We proudly serve the Baltimore County area. Contact Freedom Fence today for a FREE quote.

Sunrooms are considered a luxury in today’s world. How lovely to be able to go sit in a sun room and chat with a cup of tea and some cranberry scones? After that sentence, you may have decided you need one to entertain guests, to read, or just relax with a cold drink on the weekend. As you will find out, sunrooms present many benefits to your residential property.

Become one with nature from inside.

If you despise insects, attaching a sunroom to your home in Baltimore County is the perfect solution. You do not have to purchase outdoor furniture when you have a sunroom, since it is technically inside. You can sit in the warmth of your sunroom during winter months and still feel like you are in your backyard. Love the rain but hate being soaked? Just lay on your couch inside your sunroom and listen to the calming drumming of droplets. For families with a great bay or forest view, sunrooms are a great option.

Sunrooms can be a quiet or fun place.

Adding a sunroom to your home gives you an extra room to escape to. If you have children, they can be playing video games in the family room while you relax in the sunroom with a book. Installing a television in your sunroom adds to the scare factor when watching a horror flick. You never know who is outside those windows. For scaredy-cats, sunrooms also can have electronic shades that come down over the large windows. This is also useful for sunsets when you are enjoying a meal or trying to do some work.

Turn a small space into a large one.

Since sunrooms usually have only three inches between windows, your sunroom will feel ten times larger than it actually is. Windows and mirrors are known to brighten up and widen a room. Natural sunlight also promotes health and positive energy. This can help individuals who struggle with depression or people who are just feeling low. It is a good idea to paint your sunroom yellow, as that color is also associated with happiness.

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