How Can I Avoid Deck Damage This Winter?

loos deck boards deck damage

Have you checked your deck for damage?

Winter weather can be a headache for many aspects of your life—driving on icy roads, dealing with school and work delays, and keeping your landscaping protected from the onslaught of snow. In addition to all of the above, snow and ice can lead to major deck damage over the course of the winter. Here are some easy ways to protect yourself from deck damage during the winter weather.

Preparing Your Deck

Getting your deck ready before the snow starts to fall is critical. Make sure that you remove any dirt or debris off the surface, whether it’s the last few leaves from fall or clippings from your Christmas tree. Take the additional step of removing any planters or pots to another area or inside. The drainage holes located at the bottom can leave a lot of extra moisture on the surface of your deck, which is the biggest gateway to deck damage.

Don’t Shovel Too Much

It sounds counterintuitive once you know that moisture is the enemy of your deck, but over-shoveling your deck is a bad idea. The wood that your deck is made of is treated to combat the effects of winter weather, so a big pile of snow is a minor threat at the end of the day. Furthermore, haphazard regular snow shoveling can leave scrapes, nicks, and dents on the surface of your deck that will mean costly repairs in the spring. When do you need to shovel the winter weather away?  If you need to create a path from your back door into the yard, it’s perfectly fine to shovel a small portion away. Additionally, if the snow accumulated on your deck reaches higher than your deck rails, shovel it away so that the weight won’t damage your deck.

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