Common Myths About Aluminum Fences


aluminum fence

Aluminum fencing may be the best choice for your home!

Aluminum fencing is a fantastic option for many residential and commercial properties, but it can be hard to tell fiction from fact when it comes to the pros and cons of it! Here we are going to break down some of the most common myths around aluminum fencing counter with some facts of our own.

Aluminum Fences Are Not Great When It Comes to Durability

This is nothing but false! Aluminum fences are just as strong as steel fences and it weighs only a quarter of the amount. The strength to weight ratio for each panel of aluminum fencing you install is actually directly equivalent to the same density level of steel! Aluminum fencing should be known for its durability, as it can easily withstand a huge range of climates, weather conditions, and forms of wear and tear.  

Aluminum Fences Can’t Be Put on Slopes or Hills

This is another rumor that has no real basis in reality, as aluminum fences are specifically designed to fit a wide range of slopes, uneven patches of land, and inclines. Aluminum fencing rails can neatly follow the ground as it rises or falls and have perfectly vertical and straight pickets.  

Aluminum Fences Won’t Last

This myth goes hand in hand with the above myth about durability. Aluminum fences do a great job of lasting over long periods of time. More than any other fencing material, homeowners, and business owners choose aluminum fencing again for a replacement fence or new fence at a different property. Since aluminum is strong and requires little maintenance, you can love it for a long time without worrying about costly repairs or insect infestations.

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

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