Planning to Replace Your Deck Come Spring? Plan Ahead!


Are you ready to start planning your new deck?

When it comes to making any major household purchase, a little financial planning goes a long way. If you are planning to install a new deck in the springtime, once the snow and ice have thawed, make sure you plan ahead to make the process as painless as possible.

Finding the Right Deck for Your Budget

There are many different decking materials on the market, whether you want pressure-treated wood, expensive unique hardwood, or composite decking material. Each one has a different cost that can range anywhere from $15 a square foot to upwards of $35 a square foot. Obviously, the larger you make your deck, the more you will end up spending outright. If you want a huge deck, you’ll need some extra financial planning time to have the right budget for the job. Your deck should look like a natural fit, so if you have a large home but can’t afford an appropriately-sized deck, it might be time to save or use a less expensive decking material.

The Value of a Deck

Keep in mind that the value of the deck can go much further than what you paid for it. Adding a new deck to your home offers you more living space, more places to entertain, and a better way to enjoy the landscaping you work so hard on. Decks also add value to your home, which is especially useful if you are planning to sell or move in the next few years. Midrange wooden deck additions can add about 70% of their face value to the value of your home, so they make a pretty excellent investment. This cost upfront can help with your later financial planning when it comes time to sell your home!

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

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