Stay Warm This Winter with a Fire Pit on Your Patio

fire pit

Stay warm all year with a fire pit!

You might be kissing your outdoor winter entertaining goals goodbye this holiday season due to the extreme cold that set in early. However, the chill outdoors doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to relax outdoors with your family and friends this month! A fire pit on your patio is the perfect way to enjoy outdoor winter entertaining without losing circulation in your fingers and toes.

Fire Pits for Your Patio

Fire pits are incredibly affordable and a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors without weather being as much of a factor. You can use a portable firepit if you don’t want to commit to installing one year round or have a permanent option installed to enjoy without much fuss. If you want to try out a firepit without paying for a permanent installation upfront, portable firepits are a great way to test drive them.

What Will Go into Building Your Fire Pit?

Installing a fire pit on your patio will be a breeze when you work with Freedom Fence and Home! Firepits have a break surrounding them for safety reasons, and you can use simple paving stones or bricks to do this job while remaining aesthetically pleasing. A firebreak also offers you a place to put patio furniture and additional tables.  

Other Ways to Stay Warm on Your Patio

Staying warm on your patio can also be accomplished with more traditional methods, like lighting candles around your firepit, providing blankets and throw pillows to be used within a safe distance of the flames, and bundling up in warm clothes and layers. With these tips and a firepit, you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor winter entertaining all winter long.

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

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