How Can I Winterize My Screened In Porch?

screened in porch

Have you started to winterize your screened in porch?

If you love your screened in porch and want to make sure that it is ready to tackle the frigid and often unpredictable winter weather, there are a number of things you can do to effectively winterize it. If you want to enjoy it year round, it is as simple as using vinyl to make sure your screened in porch is winter safe. Follow the steps below to winterize your screened in porch.

Prepare Your Screened In Porch

Measure the screen length and width with measuring tape. You will need to do this in order to know how much vinyl to purchase and how wide the sheets you purchase need to be. Once you have correct measurements purchase the vinyl. Vinyl sheets are often available in either 48-inch or 54-inch widths.

Prepare The Vinyl

Cut the vinyl sheeting so it is large enough to cover all of your porch screens, but also has enough overlap to attach to the wood framing which surrounds the screens. Add two inches on each of the four sides to provide adequate room for installation. Then cut all of the screen panels neatly with scissors. Then use a measuring tape to properly mark the dimensions in preparation for winterizing your screened in porch.  

Utilizing Velcro

Cut six to eight 12 inch sections of velcro tape, depending on the size of your screens. These are for the top, bottom, and sides of the vinyl. Larger screens require larger pieces of vinyl and more velcro to get the job done.Then attach the velcro in corresponding spots to both your porch and the vinyl. Finally, stick the clear vinyl to your screened in porch so that all of the screens are covered. This will effectively winterize your porch.  

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