Coastal Deck Design: A Freedom Spotlight

Check out one of our newest deck designs and learn tips on how to design yours.

Freedom Fence & Deck has had the privilege of building thousands of decks for homeowners throughout Maryland, including those that reside on Maryland waterfront properties. Below, you can check out one of our newest deck installations that is special in multiple rights and an example of what you might do with your Maryland backyard deck design. Let’s discuss more about the coastal deck design below.

Your Dream Coastal Deck Design

Here are a couple of photos showcasing one of our newest coastal deck installations in Maryland. Hopefully, they will inspire you!

What about your backyard deck? The first thing to consider in a coastal deck design is its purpose. How do you want to use the deck? It could be an outdoor dining room that extends from a second-story kitchen, or it might be a platform for gathering around the campfire. Ultimately, the design should fit its purpose and work with the property.

Materials to Withstand the Weather

Now we get to the basic building blocks of a coastal deck design. You want to use one or more deck materials that can withstand harsh winds and rain. The coast is typically windier than inland. While you could use a wood deck with a waterproof sealant, composite and vinyl decking will be more durable against harsh weather and need much less maintenance. 

Railing That Preserves the Views

With railing, you can get very creative. Deck railing is optional for low-elevation decks, but having a railing or at least built-in benches along the border does add security. 

Either low-elevation or high-elevation decks can need railing that preserves the gorgeous waterfront views. What are your options?

  • Thin rails of any material: You might choose wood, composite, vinyl, or aluminum rails thin enough to maintain the waterfront views. They have a large enough spacing not to compromise it entirely.
  • Glass or plexiglass: Some decks use clear glass pickets like in our deck spotlight, or they might have wide, clear panels. In both forms, you can have clarity and ventilation.

Styles to Suit Every Home

Deck colors, patterns, and styles vary. If you have a color scheme and style in mind for your Maryland waterfront deck, contact Freedom Fence & Deck and see what we can do for you!

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