Backyard Deck Additions for 2023

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Ready to spruce up your deck this year? Consider these ideas!

Are you looking to do something new in 2023? These backyard deck additions for 2023 are sure to bring more functionality and enjoyment to your home. The backyard is an often under-utilized space. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy fresh air from the comfort of their own property? Stay tuned for these ideas, and contact Freedom Fence & Deck in Maryland if you need a deck installation or renovation.

Outdoor Kitchens

You can install an entire outdoor kitchen on your deck; it doesn’t just have to be the grill. Granted that your deck can take the weight, you can integrate all the outdoor kitchen appliances and storage you need to host a great outdoor feast

Built-In Lighting

Built-in lighting adds beauty, luxury, and functionality to your deck at night. Without deck lighting of any kind, your deck could be dangerous. It could be hard to navigate through the deck and on the deck stairs; it could also be a place for intruders to hide in darkness. Plus, you won’t be able to spend any time on your deck after dark. Built-in deck lighting fixes all of those problems.

Outdoor Hot Tub

An outdoor hot tub is a wonderful way to relax in any season. A hot tub is an ultimate deck addition for 2023 and all years before and after. In fact, some of the best rural vacation spots feature a hot tub on the deck. They come in various versions, such as a sunken hot tub or a raised hot tub.

Designated Zones

If you have a large deck, you will likely want it to be in designated zones, such as dining and living areas. With each area, you might find some deck additions to be beneficial features. For instance, you could install a pergola over your dining area or a retractable awning over the living area. Built-in planter boxes might flank the deck stairs, and built-in benches could create a seating area or nook.

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