Signs You Need a New Screened Porch

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Need a new screened porch? Here’s how you know.

A screened porch lets you enjoy nature from the privacy of an enclosed room that is still considered an outdoor space. A “screened porch” can specifically mean a room enclosed with mesh screens or fully enclosed with clear vinyl or glass screens. All in all, these are sure signs that you need a new screened porch. If you live in Maryland, contact Freedom Fence & Deck!

Signs You Need a New Screened Porch

Rips & Tears

Rips and tears in your window screens deserve to be fixed. Online, you can find various resources to replace or fix window screens. After a while, though, your screen may have suffered enough damage that you need to replace it.


Discolored screens mean that the vinyl is going bad. It could be time to replace the window screen, and if the screened porch has been around for decades, it could be time to replace it altogether.


Another sign you need a new screened porch that might not have come to mind is shiny window screens. Clear screens may have a coating that wears off over many years. Once it does, you might notice that your screens are way shinier than usual.

Extreme Temperatures

Solid, clear screens provide some insulation. Screened porches and three season rooms do not connect to the house’s HVAC system and usually do not have any permanent temperature control. They can get very hot in summer and very cold in winter, but if you use even portable temperature control devices, you might notice a lack of insulation when the screened porch is old.

More Noise

On top of that, leaks in your three-season room enclosures would naturally lead to higher noise levels. A solid wall helps block sound waves from coming in or out, but more noise than usual would indicate a problem with your screened porch windows, doors, or walls.

Difficulty Operating Windows & Doors

Trouble opening or closing windows and doors is another strong sign that you need to replace them. It’s a sign that the structural integrity of the window or door frames is lacking.

Lack of Structural Integrity

If your screened porch’s roof, walls, or other structural elements have damage or decay, it is probably time to consider replacing the whole thing.

Severe Mold Problem

It is possible to remove mold from a screened porch, but if the mold damage is extensive enough, it is better to remove and replace it completely.

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