Why You Want a Screened Porch in Maryland

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In Maryland, it’s worth having a screened porch. Here’s why.

Maryland is one of the best states on the east coast. Its weather is not too cold and not too hot. You can experience all four seasons and then some, and it’s perfect for people who don’t love the desert air (it’s humid in summer.) Maryland is a great state to enjoy the great outdoors. However, there are some cons that could make sitting in your backyard unpleasant unless you have a screened porch. Here’s why you want to have a screened porch in Maryland.

What Is a Screened Porch?

A screened porch is not the same as a sunroom. A screened porch has a solid framework with walls of windows, just like a sunroom, except that the windows have a mesh screen rather than glass or vinyl panes. If there are solid, transparent coverings, they are removable.

Why You Want a Screened Porch in Maryland


You don’t want a screened porch in Maryland for the bugs; you want to keep the bugs out. A screened-in porch is perfect for keeping small and large bugs out of your outdoor living area. You can work, dine, and relax in a sunny, breezy space without the bugs.

Rain & Heat

You also keep the rain from raining on your party and the heat from beating on your head. Although it’s important to get your vitamin D through sunshine exposure, the hot Maryland sun can quickly cause burns and even heatstroke if you aren’t careful. A screened porch shields your head.


Everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine when it is nice outside, and a screened porch also allows you to make the most of your outdoor space without the heat or bugs. A screened porch lets in the most light compared to any room in the house.

Fresh Air

It is just like a sunroom, letting lots of light in, but it also lets in fresh air. You can have a continual breeze, just as if you were completely outdoors


It is a wall of windows after all, and a wall of windows equals a panoramic view. Whether your screened porch is ground level or at a high elevation, you can enjoy your landscape to the fullest.

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