Tips to Enjoy Your Screened Porch This Fall

Tips to Enjoy Your Screened Porch This Fall

Keep warm in your screened porch with these tips!

Maryland is famous for its variety of seasons; some say it has more seasons than four. After summer seemingly comes fall, only to have a brief revival of summer followed by a “real” fall. This “second fall” can come as a sudden shock that cold weather is here to stay, and that’s when we might begin to spend more time indoors. You don’t necessarily have to compromise in enjoying your outdoor living spaces, however. You can get creative and enjoy your screened porch this fall when you follow these steps.

Insulate the Screened Porch

If your screened porch does not have solid windows and only mesh screens, you can help insulate warmth inside by placing clear coverings over the windows. Vinyl or plastic are the go-to materials. You can use magnetic strips or velcro to hold the transparent sheets in place. You can also use heavy curtains to block the cold when night falls; sunlight during the day can help bring in heat.

Add a Heat Source

You can truly stay warm on a screened porch once you add an appropriate heat source. You do not want to use a fire pit or fire pit table, as they are not designed for use in enclosed spaces. Doing so would be dangerous. 

What you can use safely includes many options. One would be a patio heater, which comes in floor and table versions. You could also use a propane-powered fireplace, which is particularly classy. Another option is a good old space heater. Just be careful not to place it too close to fabrics!

Add Comfortable Furnishings

Other furnishings can help you keep yourself and the room warm. Adding a carpet or outdoor rug to the space will provide floor insulation. Plenty of pillows and blankets will help keep yourselves warm. It can also make your screened porch very inviting! Add warm lighting and some warm beverages and snacks, and you are set to enjoy your screened porch this fall.

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