A Screened Enclosure Will Add Value to Your Catonsville Home

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A screened enclosure can add so much value to your Catonsville home

Today we’re going to discuss how a screened enclosure will add value to your Catonsville home. We’re going to detail the benefits of adding a screened porch, three-season room, and sunroom. If you don’t have a screened enclosure in your home, it’s not too late to have us install one. You can enjoy a three-season room through the Fall! Here is what’s so valuable about our home additions. 

The Value of Adding a Screened Porch to Your Catonsville Home

Outdoor living spaces are fantastic, but bothersome bugs are not. A screened porch gives you the genuine feel of a porch, but you won’t have to worry about meddling mosquitos or food-fueled flies ruining your day. Screened porches also ensure that you don’t have to worry about debris or leaves flying into your porch. You’ll also have protection from the rain and too much humidity, especially when you add a fan to screened porches. If you’re worried about cost, screened porches are surprisingly affordable. Freedom Fence offers 6-month same as cash as well as Traditional Financing. Ask us all about it!

The Value of Adding a Three-Season Room to Your Catonsville Home

Three-season rooms are more affordable than four-season rooms. Why? A three-season room doesn’t require HVAC installation. A three-season-room doesn’t rely on your heating and cooling systems. With that in mind, you also don’t have to worry about freezing. You may be surprised that you may be able to get some use out of your three-season-room during the winter if you add a heater. Maryland’s weather is very unpredictable. During some years, winter has been pretty mild. One year, it felt like spring during Christmas time! 

The Value of Sunrooms

Sunrooms work well for a homeowner that loves nature. Sunrooms serve as a 360 enclosure that allows you to take in the beautiful outdoors, all while being inside. You can set up a sunroom so that it’s in the middle of your beautiful garden, or you can invest in indoor gardening or both! You can turn a sunroom into a study, a gym, a bar area, or a place to rest and relax, or a botanical garden. There’s so much value here! 

Does the idea of a screened enclosure suit your fancy? Reach out to Freedom Fence today to install a customized screened porch, three-season-room, or sunroom for your Catonsville home! 

For Your Screened Enclosure Needs in Harford County

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