Three-Season Rooms: What Baltimore County Homeowners Should Know About Them

Three-season room installation Freedom Fence

Three-season rooms take homes to the next level.

Three-season rooms take homes to the next level. Are you a Baltimore County homeowner that’s unaware of the ins and outs of three-season room installation? Then, you’ll value this information. Here are a few must-knows regarding three-season rooms. 

Three-Season Rooms Differ From Four-Season Rooms

The difference between these two rooms is all in the name. You can use a four-season room all year round while its best not to use a three-season room during the winter, unless, of course, you have a super-effective heater. Three-season rooms serve as a sheltered space that allows you to enjoy an outdoor setting while bringing natural light into your home. However, this type of room lacks central air and heat. However, homeowners are always happy to know that we can install a fan. It’s common for a three-season room to have single-pane glass windows and doors while a four-season room is double-paned. Still, the benefit of a three-season room is that it’s less expensive. Plus, Maryland can have mild winters, so you might be pleasantly surprised that you can get extended use out of this space. 

You Should Design Three-Season Rooms to Match Your Home’s Architecture 

You should design this space in a way that complements both the interior and exterior of your home. If you are not quite sure how to design this special space, we can help! Reach out to us and express whatever concerns you may have. Our professional and experienced team can answer any of your questions and let you know what we have to offer. You also want to make sure that this new addition falls in line with building codes, so never attempt to take on a DIY project. Always reach out to us, the professionals. We can also tackle any structural issues present while converting your deck or porch into a three-season room. 

This Addition Will Extend the Space in Your Home

The beauty of this type of sunroom is that you can take in the natural scenery while not overheating or finding random mosquito bites. Enjoy a delicious meal with your family. Have a fun game night or movie night. Use this as a space to workout or catch up on the book you haven’t read yet. However, you decide to use this room is up to you. Regardless, it’s an addition that will take your home to the next level. Are you a Baltimore County homeowner that’s saying “yes” to this upgrade? Then, call us today! 

For All Your Sunroom Needs in Baltimore County

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