Tips for Selecting the Right Deck Color

Choosing the Right Deck Color Freedom Fence

What deck color suits your fancy?

The deck color that you choose makes a difference. Homeowners ponder over a deck’s size or material, but its coloring can also make or break your home’s look. If done well, a deck’s color can add visual interest to your home and seamlessly blend into the architecture. Various factors will lean you towards one color versus another. Here are some tips. 

Your Home’s Exterior and Deck Color Should Complement Each Other

The goal is to create a cohesive-looking environment. Consider your siding, trim, and other outdoor elements. You can use these elements as inspiration and select an accent hue that blends into your home’s style. If you plan to invest in a new deck and upgrade your outdoor living space, make sure to consider deck colors into the overall palette. 

Consider Your HOA

Depending on the community you live in, HOA guidelines can be strict. Look around and examine if you see a variety in decks. If most of your neighbors’ decks look the same, it’s a high chance that your HOA wants the community to have a specific look so that it is more harmonious-looking and marketable. We recommend you paying attention to this. It’s one thing to receive a fine because your grass is growing too tall. It’s another thing to have to pay for deck installation all over again because you picked a deck color that your HOA doesn’t deem acceptable.  

Think About the Material of Your Deck

The material that you choose plays an essential role in your color options. Wood decks are not only an affordable option, but they come in a variety of color options. What this means is that not all wood decks have to look the same. We install pressure-treated southern pine, cedar, and Ipe decking. Make sure to stain your deck every 4-6 six weeks to keep its color from fading. 

We also install composite decks, which is a fan favorite because of its longevity. What’s even better is that composite can resemble natural wood and have various unique grains. This option has higher upfront costs than wood, but the fact that it doesn’t require much maintenance and doesn’t require staining makes it worthwhile. The point is that regardless of what material choose, you have a lot of color options. 

Hire Freedom Fence For Your Deck Construction Needs 

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