Screened Porches Serve As a Focal Point for Maryland Homes

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Screened porches enhance an outdoor living space tenfold.

Screened porches are becoming more trendy year after year. These additions are so popular because they merge indoor and outdoor comfort perfectly. Imagine spending a beautiful afternoon reading in a rocking chair while enjoying natural sunlight without pests pestering you. Screened porches are charming, comfortable, and can serve as the focal point of any Maryland home. Here are some considerations for how you can conceptualize a screened porch as more than an “add-on.” 

The Bigger, the Better

If you want your screened porch to appear more than a minor addition, we recommend that you go for a design that takes up more space and has a lot of features. In other words, you should think big. Many homeowners did not design their screened porches with a lot of thought at a point in time. People viewed these enhancements as merely an “add-on” that you could use for occasional relaxation or a place to entertain people after dinner. 

However, fast forward to 2020, and homeowners are taking screened porch design to another level. Nowadays, homeowners add unique features to their outdoor living spaces, including eye-catching floors and ceilings, televisions, chandeliers, and much more! 

Make the Most Out of Screened Porches by Being Highly Decorative

When you design your outdoor living space, you should pay attention to detail. One way to achieve this is by focusing on how you choose to light up your screened porch. You can depend on natural sunlight during the day, but having adequate lighting at night will help you extend the usage of your screened porch. Adding a ceiling fan also adds comfort during a humid summer day. 

The furniture you select makes a difference as well. Say “goodbye” to steel or utilitarian chairs and say “hello” to plush, comfortable, and matching outdoor furniture. If you plan on eating outdoors in your Maryland home, you should think about how you want your outdoor dining table to look and function. 

Our final suggestion includes adding plants, wind chimes, or even a fountain to your screened porch. These additions help bring natural elements to your outdoor living space and create peaceful and calming sensory effects. If you’re ready for your screened porch to serve as a focal point in your Maryland home, reach Freedom Fence today! 

For Your Screened Porch Needs in Maryland

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