Maryland Homeowners: Here’s How to Keep Your Sunroom at a Cool Temperature

Sunrooms are a fantastic addition to any Maryland home

Sunrooms are a fantastic addition to any Maryland home, allowing you to experience the beauty and joy of the outdoors while remaining in the comfort of the indoors. You can decorate it in a color scheme that speaks to you and create a relaxing oasis that is also a useful extension of your living space. For this to be true, however, you have to be able to keep your sunroom at a comfortable temperature. If you’re a Maryland homeowner, keep reading! We’re going to tell you how to keep your sunroom cool. 

Improve Airflow

One of the top ways to keep your sunroom cool is to increase or improve the airflow and circulation. Your sunroom must have ventilation openings high in the room so that as heat rises, it can escape. Vent fans will make this even more efficient and keep the room comfortable. You should also consider including floor fans in your layout so that you can keep the air in the environment moving.

Prevent Solar Gain

While the sun is something you want in your sunroom, there can be too much of a good thing. Solar gain is when the solar energy radiating from the sun coming in, heats the environment. Tinting the windows can block some of this solar gain. This idea is an especially good option if your windows don’t have insulation, but you can’t afford to replace them. Insulated drapes can also be an excellent way to limit solar gain and keep your sunroom cool. 

Consider Sun Exposure

If you’re planning a sunroom now, consider sun exposure as you decide where to put it. If your sunroom receives the most direct sun at the height of the day in summer, it will always be warm during that time. If, instead, it receives direct sun during the winter, and only indirect sun in the summer, it will be more comfortable all year.

Update Windows

If your sunroom windows are older, they may be single pane and contributing heavily to the temperature fluctuations in your sunroom. Updating the windows can not only help you stay cool in the summer but also make the room much more comfortable and usable in the winter. Have a professional replace the windows to make sure there are no gaps or leaks in the frame.

For All Your Sunroom Needs in Maryland

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