Discover the Truth About Sunrooms in Catonsville

Sunrooms help add elegance to the house, bring in more sunshine, and help you feel one with nature.

Adding a deck or a patio as an addition to a home is a standard upgrade. However, people are more skeptical about adding a sunroom. There are some prevalent misconceptions that we’d like to debunk today. If you’re a Catonsville resident, then you’re in luck. We service several areas in the Baltimore County area, which includes Catonsville. If you’ve been on the fence about adding a sunroom to your home, then keep reading to discover the truth about sunrooms.

Myth #1: Sunrooms Get Too Hot in the Summer

Sunrooms made of only glass indeed become extremely hot. However, when you have experts such as here at Freedom Fence install your sunroom, it’s like adding another room to your home. These outdoor living spaces can include air conditioning along with heating units, energy-efficient windows, ceiling fans, and anything else that you need to keep the temperature regulated. 

Myth #2: Sunrooms are Costly

A sunroom doesn’t cost any more than a patio or deck. It all depends on how you customize the outdoor living space. Even if you decide to go all out with your sunroom, it adds value to your home. For one, because this outdoor living space has the potential of using wired electricity and cooling and heating systems, it adds to the square footage of your home. Also, you have the opportunity of gaining another entertainment space, bedroom, hobby room, and more. Third, if you plan on selling your home, this enhancement will make your home more marketable.

Myth #3: Sunrooms Take Up a lot of Space

Installing a sunroom does not have to be extraneous. You don’t have to have a large backyard, nor do you need to take out a lot of wall space to unnecessarily to add them to your home. Some homeowners add a sunroom to a part of their already exists to bring in more sunlight. Sunrooms help add elegance to the house, bring in more sunshine, and help you feel one with nature. If you live in the Catonsville area and are interested, then give us a call. We’ll be glad to go more in-depth about your potential future sunroom.

For All Your Outdoor Living Space Needs in Catonsville

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