Deck Replacement Alternatives for Your Baltimore Home

A deck is a marvelous addition to any home, but like all things they require maintenance and even with proper care, they will eventually show their age.

A deck is a marvelous addition to any home, but like all things they require maintenance and even with proper care, they will eventually show their age. Over time boards can warp and crack and often people assume that their only option is to replace those boards. However, that can be an expensive proposition, especially with the rising costs of lumber. In many cases, the wood is still good quality and usable, and if you give it the right TLC, you can keep it and restore your deck to its former beauty.

When Boards Warp

Sun and water will inevitably cause wood to warp. As a result, this becomes a significant problem with your decking boards when the warping causes them to pull out the fasteners and pull away from the joists. Replacing the fasteners is easy, but only when the wood isn’t warped. If you’re replacing the boards, that’s easy. Do you have to replace the boards though? You can re-straighten the boards, with some effort. Use a bar clamp to force the warped boards back into place and proper alignment. Once it is back where it is supposed to be, secure it with fasteners before removing the clamp.

When Boards Crack

Cracks are another inevitable part of aging wood. Some are tiny enough that they can be squeezed back together and glued. For this you would also use a bar clamp, squeezing the wood together and securing it with two-part epoxy. The epoxy will hold the crack shut once it dries, but you should also secure fasteners on both sides of the crack. For larger cracks, you will need to fill them with epoxy filler. In either case, make sure that you dig out any rot before repairing the split, or the decay will continue to spread and be a problem.

After Repairs

Once you’ve repaired the warped or cracked wooden deck boards, giving the deck a thorough cleaning will help make the outdoor living area look new again. Using a power washer can restore the whole outdoor living area to its original color and help camouflage most repairs. For really extensive repairs, you may need to sand the entire thing to blend them. Once it is clean, seal the deck with a new finish coat.

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