Fall is the Perfect Time for Screened Porch Installation

Fall Screened Porch Installation Freedom Fence

Today’s topic of discussion is why fall is an ideal season for screened porch installation.

Today’s topic of discussion is why fall is an ideal season for screened porch installation. Summer is synonymous with warm weather, beach trips, and celebrations such as the 4th of July. It’s also the time where people hurry to improve their home with deck, fence, and screened porch installation to aid in curb appeal. 

 However, fall has a lot to offer as well. It’s a time where you can enjoy colder but comfortable weather, pull out your warm and cozy sweaters, and indulge in apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon treats. In addition, the benefit of screened porch installation in Maryland is that once fall hits, the weather takes a while to drop, meaning that you can use your screened porch for much longer than expected. Let’s delve into more benefits of why screened porch installation during the fall makes complete sense!

Screened Porch Installation During the Fall Isn’t as Highly Requested. 

During the fall, the backlog isn’t as large. Therefore, the home improvement waiting list isn’t as long. You’ll be happy that you can enjoy your new structure much sooner. 

You Can Beat the Heat!

While screened porches can come equipped with features such as ceiling fans, there is a lot to gain from enjoying a screened porch during the fall. The temperature drops, you have the chance to watch the leaves turn into brilliant hues, and our contractors will appreciate building your stunning screened porch in milder weather. 

Discounted Outdoor Furniture 

Any seasoned shopper knows that it’s best to buy what you need during the off-season. During the spring and summer, outdoor furniture is in high demand. The fall is the perfect time to look for outdoor furniture in Maryland. You might be shocked at the amount of money that you save! 

You Can Add a Heat Source to Your Screened Porch 

A space heater serves as a cost-effective way to heat a screened porch. You don’t have to change where you enjoy your fresh cup of Joe when the weather drops to 50 degrees. Screened porches can come equipped with many outlets to customize the way you experience your outdoor living space. 

A Unique Way to Watch Football 

Your screened porch can keep its “porch feel,” or you can personalize it. If you’d like to turn this space into a room where you can watch movies, host dinners, or watch some good ole American football, it can serve multiple purposes. Let our screened porch installation experts know what your needs are, and they’ll accommodate them. 

For Your Screened Porch Needs

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