5 Dynamic Deck Lighting Ideas

5 Dynamic Deck Lighting Ideas Freedom Fence

Today we will discuss five dynamic deck lighting options

Today we will discuss five dynamic deck lighting options. We offer many fixture options that can take any deck to the next level. We encourage you not only to think about deck lighting as a safety measure. The perfect lighting can set the entire tone for outdoor festivities or more intimate gatherings, or bonding moments. In short, what good is a well-designed and beautiful deck that no one can see? You deserve to marvel at your customized deck. Here are some deck lighting options that you may want to consider. 

String Deck Lighting Ideas 

This idea is a temporary lighting installation. You don’t necessarily need us to install this lighting option. However, string lights might be ideal if you want to break up the monotony or create a more romantic or light and airy atmosphere. String lights with larger bulbs are trendy. You can add them to your railings, overhead, wrap them around trees, or use posts to support them.

Solar Lights 

If your deck doesn’t have access to outlets, solar lights serve as the perfect alternative. The caveat to solar lights is their dependency on the sun. They can be finicky on a cloudy day. It would be best to position solar lights to ensure they function optimally strategically with that limitation in mind. 

Recessed Deck Lighting

Recessed deck lighting is more of a permanent option. Many homeowners use this type of lighting in the home’s interior. However, it has outdoor applications as well. Recessed lights can go on deck posts and pergolas. You’ll want to call the professionals here at Freedom Fence to take care of this type of deck lighting installation for you to ensure safety. 

In-Floor Lighting 

In-floor lighting serves the purpose of illuminating stairs, doorways, or other tripping hazards. These lights are a permanent option and should be flush against the deck floor as not to cause tripping hazards while brightening up your deck. We can stagger floor lights every few feet along the deck’s edge. However, if you don’t prefer this option, please tell us what your vision is, and we can offer guidance. 

Lighting That Goes Under Rails

If you prefer a subtle glow, under-rail lights are optimal. You can use under-rail lights throughout the entirety of your deck. You don’t have only to use this type of lighting on your staircase rails. One thing to note is that in-floor lighting and under-rail lights most likely need additional lighting sources to illuminate your deck fully. Post lighting, as you see pictured here, can make a significant difference regarding deck lighting. 

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