The Perfection That is a Pergola

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A Pergola Helps You Create Zones in Your Outdoor Living Space

Today we will discuss the perfection that is a pergola. There are many ways to enhance or add quality to your outdoor living experience. One way to do so is by giving your deck or patio more visual appeal. A common misconception about a pergola is that it looks incomplete, but there are many ways that you can customize one so that it blends in with your yard perfectly versus appearing extraneous. Pergolas can bring so many benefits, but today we will focus on five!

A Pergola Helps You Create Zones in Your Outdoor Living Space

A pergola can help you define your yard. Typically, homeowners use this structure as an entertainment lounge or a dining area. Then, on the outside perimeters of this structure, you can have plantings or a garden. The point is that an outdoor living space becomes highly functional when you divide it into designated zones. When you zone your yard, it helps it look structured and well-put-together. 

Believe It or Not, Pergolas Can Be Private!

Pergolas are open structures, but homeowners can customize them in a way to aid in privacy. You can add drapes, latticework, or screens to one side of a pergola if you don’t like the idea of nosy neighbors being able to peek into your yard with ease. 

Pergolas Create Limitless Opportunities for you to Play Around with Plants.

When people think about plants, their mind often defaults to shrubs or a garden. However, hanging plants are the perfect accessory for a pergola, along with vines, honeysuckle, and clematis. In other words, you can create an air garden, or you can use this structure to house large, potted plants. The possibilities are virtually endless! 

This Outdoor Structure Offers Shade

While summer is a beautiful season, it can be undeniably hot, especially here in Maryland. With that in mind, pergolas add some comfort and shade to minimize the risk of being sunburnt. Everyone needs a beautiful, shaded area in their yard. 

Pergolas Come in Different Materials

Cedar is a classic choice for decks, fences, and pergolas alike. However, you have options. If you’d prefer your pergola in a unique material such as vinyl, our contractors can explore these options. You can take away from this content that we cater to many tastes, styles, and budgets when you hire Freedom Fence. Give us a call today! 

For Your Outdoor Living Space Needs

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