The Value of Vinyl Decking

The Value of Vinyl Decking Freedom Fence & Deck

Vinyl decking is an option that you should go for if you want a durable, low-maintenance option.

Vinyl decking is an option that you should go for if you want a durable, low-maintenance option. When people hear the word “durable,” sometimes they believe that they’ll miss out on aesthetics, which isn’t true. Vinyl decking offers you structural integrity and beauty simultaneously. Allow us to elaborate on the value of vinyl decking. 

Vinyl Decking Offers the Ultimate Protection

Spring shows up on Saturday! Everyone is ready for the warm weather, but people know how this works. The beginning of Spring means a lot of rain. With that in mind, you want to choose a deck material that can hold up to the elements. Water can cause a lot of structural damage, especially when you think about untreated wood. But by choosing vinyl, you’ll ensure that you have a waterproof deck. 


Once we install your vinyl deck, you won’t have to worry about painting it, resurfacing it, sanding it, or staining it. The only thing that we recommend you do is to sweep off the debris and wash it off a few times a year. 

Increased Property Value

Potential homebuyers love it when they don’t have too much work to do to a home. In other words, ideally, they want the residence to be move-in ready. When a prospective homebuyer doesn’t have to worry about calling a deck construction company, it takes much weight off their shoulders and saves them from digging into their pockets. Vinyl looks beautiful, and you can look forward to it lasting a long time. 

Quick Installation

Vinyl decking is relatively straightforward to install. With that in mind, it won’t take weeks on end for you to be able to enjoy your beautiful, brand new deck. When warm weather comes, homeowners will be running outside to bask in the sun or their decks, and we can understand that you don’t want to wait too long. We know that you’re ready to show off your stunning deck to your neighbors. 

Vinyl is Super Versatile

Wood decks are a classic option. When you pressure-treat wood, it lasts longer, clearing up the myth that a wood deck can’t last a long time. It can! However, the reality is that vinyl lasts longer than wood, but if you want that classic wood aesthetic, you don’t have to miss out on it. Vinyl can replicate this material, but you can look forward to its longevity. 

If you’re ready to enjoy a new vinyl deck, give us a call today! 

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